Zoning Board Of Appeals — Special Use Permit Attorney

At Bell Law, LLC, we represent individuals and small businesses who have applied for a business license through the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection and have been denied and require application through the Zoning Board of Appeals for a special use permit.

Assisting You Through The Application Process

We will assist you in your application for a special use permit through the Zoning Board of Appeals and represent you before the board. We have experience completing the application in a timely manner and fulfilling code requirements. We have established relationships with professional urban planners and appraisers in the Chicago area that are required to attend your hearing. We know how to prepare for your hearing and ask the right questions. Bell Law, LLC, is also willing to work with your alderman to get approval and support. We will work hard to prepare a complete and conforming application and zealously advocate your interests before the board.

Typically, you have forty-five days from the date of your denial to file your application for special use permit. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact Bell Law, LLC, as soon as you get your denial.

Contact Bell Law, LLC

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