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Mining company to make Chicago its new home

It is fairly well known throughout the Chicago area that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been doing what he can to bring new businesses into the city. As a part of that initiative, the city has done things to make itself appealing to startups and closely held businesses. As it turns out, these businesses are not the only ones finding Chicago appealing.

Legislation regarding small business taxes expected

This time of year income taxes are on the minds of many individuals throughout the Chicago area. As individuals make their appointments to have their taxes done, or in the alternative, complete them on their own, legislators in the nation's capital are thinking about taxes associated with small businesses. Rewriting the current tax code that affects small businesses is on the agenda of some. A plan is expected to be released by a representative from a neighboring state.

Chicago's small business center is up and running

Each day, entrepreneurs throughout the Chicago area come up with business ideas. While some of those ideas come to fruition, others stall out before they even have a chance to get off the ground. While there are of course many reasons that could happen, one may be the many hoops that must be jumped through to achieve, what for many is, a lifelong dream. Recognizing the issue as being one that was negatively impacting the creation of businesses in the city, Chicago recently implemented changes to alleviate some of those issues.

New hotel proposed near Chicago convention center

Trade-shows business appears to be booming in the city of Chicago. In an effort to continue and improve upon the trend, a new hotel is planned on the south side of downtown, close to McCormick Place convention center. Supported by both Chicago's mayor, as well as the governor of Illinois, it would be positioned between Michigan Avenue and Indiana Avenue.

Chicago small business owners cannot afford employment disputes

When Chicago readers think of business contracts, mergers and acquisitions may come to mind. Such agreements are indeed a highly visible type of business contract, often making news because of the large amounts of money involved.

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