Chicago area appealing to smaller business expansions

In previous posts we have written about larger businesses relocating headquarters to the Chicago area. While there are likely many reasons behind the decision, clearly such a move is advantageous to the business or such a huge undertaking would not be taken on. As it turns out, some small businesses are finding the Chicago area to be a good business climate as well. A pet hotel currently based in another Midwest state is looking to expand into Vernon Hill.

The owner of the business, that is potentially expanding, previously worked in hospitality services focused on humans. He is from the Chicago suburbs and, relying at least in part upon that knowledge, believes that the area would be a good fit for his business to expand to. He is looking to secure a location at an office/warehouse that is currently unoccupied. It covers approximately 16,857 square feet, and would likely be able to house approximately 100 dogs.

As is the case in any growing business, there are a myriad of issues that need to be worked through. In this instance one of them is the fact the village is not currently zoned for either a pet day care or pet boarding. It is possible however that the village's board could find that those uses are similar enough to other activities that are already zoned, making the location a real possibility.

Though seemingly a small matter, in many instances issues such as these are more complex than they first appear. For that reason many business owners find it helpful to work with a business lawyer.

Source: Daily Herald, "Vernon Hills considered as expansion site for Minnesota-based pet hotel," Mick Zawislak, May 10, 2013

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