There are many keys to the success of a small business

There are many challenges closely held businesses face. Some have to do with the size of the business while others affect businesses of all sizes in the Chicago area. One thing that is vital to all is a strong customer base. 

In the past Chicagoland family businesses may have relied upon word of mouth from repeat customers. As many are likely aware, that is no longer enough. But what does a small closely held business do to attract customers if it cannot afford the expense of billboards and television and radio spots? As it turns out, there is likely a simple answer--internet marketing.

According to one professional, online marketing is usually a good fit for small businesses that are willing to accept the fact that the best ways to reach customers has changed throughout the years. The best way for most businesses to go about doing this is to work with a professional in the field who understands the small business market. In addition to creating a website, that individual would likely be able to recommend good directories, determine whether creating a blog is a good idea and how to best use social networking. 

Of course a marketing plan is the only thing a small business needs to be successful. To address legal matters that may arise most find it is helpful to have a relationship with a business lawyer in place. Having an existing relationship makes it easier to quickly respond to issues that arise, ultimately hopefully saving time and energy.

Source: Business 2 Business, "How to Revive a Failing Family Business with Internet Marketing," Shepherd Morrow, May 21, 2013

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