Chicago empoyment contracts: FOP faces off with the mayor

The head of the Chicago police union says that a simple paperwork mistake shouldn't be taken out on the nearly 9,500 police officers in the city. In the middle of a contentious dispute between the mayor and the union president over employment contracts, the Illinois Labor Relations Board has dismissed the union president's complaint that the city has engaged in unfair labor practices by not providing the city's police officers with a retroactive raise. The city contends that it doesn't owe the retroactive raise since the union failed to inform the city within the appropriate time period that it did not want to renew the officers' contract when it expired last year.

The letter of intent from the union was three weeks late according to the mayor, which meant the automatic renewal for one year of the contract that expired. Now, according to the union president, the mayor is holding that technicality against the officers by saying that if they want a retroactive raise back to June 2012, they will have to give up something else. The union contends that if the city really believed they didn't have to negotiate a new contract during the last year, they shouldn't have been in negotiations regarding other issues during the last year.

The Chicago FOP contends that when the city negotiated with the TSA, it overlooked the fact that the union was late getting its letter of intent to renegotiate its contract to the city. According to the union president, the mayor is specifically targeting him, and by extension the Chicago police force, because he has publicly criticized the mayor on several issues. It could take some time for the two sides to work out their issues.

When employment contracts are up for renegotiation, some people believe that it is better to adhere to the spirit of the contract rather than the letter of it. Others, however, believe the exact opposite is the best course to take. When the livelihood of all of a business' employees is at stake, it may be best not to allow personal feelings about the person sitting across the table to come into play.

Source:, Chicago Police union loses key battle in retroactive pay fight, Fran Spielman, Aug. 28, 2013

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