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Competing in the Illinois small business world

In today's economy, it can be difficult to start or maintain a small business. Finding a way to stand out and compete can sometimes be a challenge. A small business may find it helpful to specialize. Narrowing the focus of the business could not only draw more customers, but save on resources as well.

Illinois number 31 on 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index

In 2011, the state of Illinois passed an increase in its income tax. Since the passage of that increase, the state has plummeted to number 31 in a yearly report by the Tax Foundation called the State Business Tax Climate Index in the last few years. In the year of the tax increase, Illinois was listed as number 15 on this yearly report.

Small business owners may benefit from Obamacare

One of the challenges of being a small business owner is trying to be competitive with other, larger employers when it comes to benefits. Health insurance is one of the benefits where many small business owners have fallen short since it has been cost prohibitive to this point. One Illinois small business owner is hopeful that Obamacare will change that for him and his employees.

Grocery store workers may strike over employment contracts

The United Food and Commercial Workers union has several local chapters around the country. The members of one of those local chapters have voted to strike if negotiations for employment contracts are not successful. For now, however, no start date for the strike has been set.

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