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Funding for small business formation may be easier to find

One of the biggest challenges to any Illinois small business is funding. The closing costs associated with a loan can sometimes be cost prohibitive for an owner that is already cash poor. Fortunately, lower cost funding for small business formation may become easier to find.

Generous executive compensation agreements benefit Kraft CEO

Illinois readers may be surprised to discover that in just his first year on the job, Kraft's new CEO earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $9.19 million. Generous executive compensation agreements often bear out these kinds of numbers for CEOs when their salaries, stock options and other benefits are added up. The man at the helm of Kraft saw a nearly $4 million increase in his stock awards in 2013 when compared to 2012 when he took over.

Real estate transaction means renovations for Illinois apartments

Apartment complexes around the country fall into disrepair for any variety of reasons. During the recession, many owners no longer had the funds to make repairs, upgrades or renovations needed to the apartment complexes they own. One Illinois complex is getting some much needed renovations after the complex changed hands in a recent real estate transaction.

Illinois small business formation, is it better with a partner?

Any small business owner in Illinois would probably agree that starting a new company is both exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Having a partner to go through the business formation process with could make it at least a little less imposing. Certainly, a business partner is not necessary, but some advantages make having a partner an attractive prospect.

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