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Renovation contracts for Chicago's Wrigley Field in dispute

Nearly 10 years ago, the Chicago Cubs signed a contract with the Rooftop Owners Association (ROA) regarding renovations the Cubs want to make to Wrigley Field. Now, as happens with many contracts, the parties could be heading to court. The Cubs want to make changes to the renovation plans that the owners say violate that contract.

Formation of a small business requires fulfilling a need

Many people in Illinois want to work for themselves but are unsure about what kind of enterprise to start. In order to be successful in the formation of a small business, an Illinois entrepreneur typically needs to fulfill a need. Now that the economy is improving, more people may be willing to spend money on luxuries they would not have considered during the recession.

Legislation could add new wrinkle to Illinois business formation

When deciding to start a new business in Illinois, numerous issues -- financial, business and legal -- all need careful consideration. New legislation could add another item to the business formation list: retirement accounts. Currently, most small businesses are not required to offer retirement accounts such as a 401K, but that could change.

Breach of executive compensation agreements can lead to lawsuits

Illinois executives negotiate compensation packages that include a variety of bonuses and incentives. Many executive compensation agreements are worth millions of dollars to the executives that sign them. When one of the parties to an agreement fails to perform in accordance with its terms, a lawsuit may be filed.

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