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It could take multiple tries to succeed at business formation

Not every Illinois entrepreneur succeeds the first time he or she attempts a business venture. It could take multiple tries at business formation before a company prospers. With each attempt, there is something to be learned in order to increase the chances that, the next time around, the business will flourish.

A mid-year business tax assessment may be in order

Many Illinois business owners may feel that it was just yesterday that they were dealing with income taxes for last year, and the last thing they want to think about during the summer is taxes for this year. However, it is already more than half way through 2014, and the end of the year could creep up before anyone realizes it. Therefore, a mid-year business tax assessment may be in order in an attempt to forestall any surprises when the next tax season rolls around.

Finding the money to start small business formation in Illinois

Many challenges exist when starting a new business. One of the most significant challenges is funding small business formation. Some Illinois entrepreneurs may not know where to begin to find the money needed to make their dreams a reality.

Insurance considerations in small business formation

So far, companies that employ fewer than 50 people have not had to comply with the federal mandate to provide health insurance for employees. That will change later this year. Going forward, a major consideration in small business formation for Illinois entrepreneurs will be providing health insurance to employees.

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