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Coming to an agreement on a commercial real estate lease

When an Illinois business finds a location for its base of operations, it may be a rental property. In that case, it will be necessary to negotiate a commercial real estate lease. The ability to obtain concessions from a prospective landlord mostly depends on the property's location and how active the commercial rental market is at the time. The two most important parts of any commercial lease are the rental amount and the length of the lease.

Illinois residents planning small business formation have options

It seems as though all of the big-name online companies are clamoring to provide storefronts, payment services and marketing for small companies. The good news is that this provides Illinois residents involved in small business formation with options. Those options could mean saving more of the business' startup funds.

YouTube provides an unusual small business formation opportunity

Some Illinois residents may shy away from starting their own business because it may take some time before the business becomes profitable. There are people around the country, however, who have discovered an interesting and unusual small business formation opportunity. With only a laptop computer and a video camera, these entrepreneurs -- sometimes unknowingly -- have stumbled upon a lucrative business.

Survey says owners not borrowing money for business formation

Illinois residents who wish to start a new business may be interested to know that, whether it is due to the recession or a bad experience, one survey indicates that a large percentage of entrepreneurs with companies 10 years or younger avoided applying for business loans. In fact, money for business formation came from other sources. The reasons for not borrowing money from a lending institution varied, but the most popular reason was that owners did not want to take on the debt.

Employment contracts not yet signed for "The Big Bang Theory"

When a new television show like "The Big Bang Theory" comes on the scene, there is no real way to predict whether it will be a success. However, as Illinois fans of the show already know, it did become a success, and now its core cast members want a raise. With the first day of production on the newest season of the show already passed, employment contracts have yet to be signed.

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