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What is a Series LLC?

A business operating in Illinois may operate as a limited liability company. Companies operating as an LLC have the ability to shield members and partners from certain types of liability. To take things one step further, a company may create what is called a Series LLC. The Series LLC occurs when a company creates distinct cells or individual subsidiaries of the parent company.

Negotiating short sales to avoid foreclosure

If you are underwater in your Illinois home or property and are in danger of foreclosure, it is understandable if you do not know how to handle the situation. It is likely that you cannot sell the home or property for enough to cover your current mortgage, and if you are delinquent, you may also be rightfully concerned about your credit.

Options for funding a startup

Investors and entrepreneurs in Illinois may be interested to learn more about the different approaches to getting a startup company up and running. Some people choose to invest their time applying to accelerators and others go with a more organic approach towards getting a new business off the ground. In order to apply to an accelerator, founders need to pitch the startup. Many choose to create a brief presentation or short video to pitch the basics of the idea.

Is it always better for a small business to incorporate?

Business owners in Illinois know that the laws governing their operations can be complicated and that it's not always clear whether the current business model is the optimal course of action. In some circumstances, it may be beneficial for the small business to incorporate itself and become an LLC, but the laws for creating and operating such an entity can be complex.

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