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What constitutes an offer of contract?

Understanding what constitutes a proper offer of contract is important not only in constructing an offer, but also if need be as a contract defense to avoid an attempt to place your business into a disadvantageous contract. Working with an experienced Illinois business and commercial law firm can help you to craft a valid offer or to analyze an offer from a prospective business partner to determine whether to accept it or to craft a counter-offer.

How does specific performance work in a breach of contract?

In the majority of cases involving a contract dispute in the commercial context, the party that claims that a breach of contract has occurred will look for money damages as the remedy for that breach. The purpose of money damages is, to the extent possible, to place the non-breaching party in the same position it would have been in if the breaching party had performed its obligations under the agreement (these are known as “benefit of the bargain” damages).

Types of penalties for commercial zoning violations

Commercial zoning laws control the use of property and the types of businesses that can exist in a specific area. Zoning laws also regulate certain activities, such as parking, the appearance of a building, and noise level. Under the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, there are a variety of penalties you or your business could face if you violate a zoning law.

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