Selecting a location for a new business in Illinois

Illinois entrepreneurs often take great care to choose the right location for a new business venture. Theses decisions must be made carefully, as mistakes made here can be costly and commercial leases can be difficult to break. Cost is obviously a major consideration, but making a choice based purely on the rent involved can often end in disaster.

The appearance of the building and the neighborhood could be important if customers are expected to visit the business. Low rents can do more harm than good if prospective clients or customers are put off by what they see. The space offered must be large enough to allow for future expansion and it should be clearly understood who will be responsible for making any needed repairs or improvements. Local zoning rules should also be consulted to ensure that the business will be permitted to operate in the new location.

Entrepreneurs should also ensure that employees and customers are able to access the location. Public transport options could be examined and parking should be sufficient for both workers and visitors. Businesses that will be receiving sizable shipments of goods on a regular basis should ensure that large trucks have enough space to unload. This may not be possible in dense urban areas, and a second storage facility may be required. Another thing that entrepreneurs may want to check is how many competing businesses are nearby.

Choosing a location for a new business is one of the early decisions that entrepreneurs must make that can cast a long shadow. Attorneys with commercial real estate experience may review lease agreements and recommend revisions if the terms are not in the best interests of their clients.

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