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Commercial real estate lenders may become more cautious

Lenders for commercial real estate developments in Illinois and around the country may become more cautious in 2016, according to many industry observers. The expected caution is coming after a six-year boom in the commercial real estate market, leading lenders to believe the market has aged enough to have concerns about projects that might be deemed riskier.

Individual investors transforming commercial real estate

It has been noted that after the JOBS Act passed in 2012, the commercial real estate market opened up to a broader range of investors. It also led to the institution of real estate crowdfunding, which lets small investors in Illinois and other states buy smaller pieces of larger investments. In addition to reducing the price of entry, these new platforms may become popular for their diversification value. Some predict that various forms of commercial real estate, such as office spaces, retail centers and public-services facilities, could soon become more readily available to individual investors.

Commercial real estate financing may be weakening

Experts say that although commercial real estate pricing has been healthy for some time, January 2016 marked the first instance of a national dip in seven years, and this could have an impact on investors in Illinois. Agencies like Moody believe that tumultuous financial markets and other factors contribute to flagging demand. Other experts claim lending changes that impact commercial mortgage backed securities, are going to continue hindering the market in various ways.

Developer submits zoning application for luxury highrise

A developer has filed an application for a zoning reclassification in order to build a 13-story luxury condominium high-rise complex in Chicago's River North neighborhood. The developer is seeking to change the zoning classification from DX-5 to DX-7 so it can proceed.

The importance of SEO for Illinois businesses

A large number of small businesses have not created a search engine optimization plan, which is an essential part of being found online. Search engine optimization is a method of setting up a website so that it appears at or near the top of search results. This is an essential part of ensuring that a business is found by Internet users and that awareness of its products and reputation spreads.

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