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International investment could transform US CRE economy

If national trends are any indicator, commercial real estate buyers in Illinois should expect to see more action from foreign investors. Experts say that among all international buyers of U.S. CRE property, Chinese nationals represent the largest percentage. In the five years leading up to 2016, these individuals spent at least $17 billion on American CRE as well as large amounts of money on residential properties. In 2016, investments increased by some 30 percent, and as of August, investment and purchase deals had an average worth of $1.5 billion.

CRE investors drawn to crowdfunding opportunities

Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter have provided the financing for projects ranging from Hollywood movies to new business startups, and opportunities catering specifically to high-net-worth commercial real estate investors in Illinois and around the country are offered by the online financial marketplace CrowdStreet. Since 2014, investors have had 60 offerings worth about $1.7 billion to choose from, and many of these CrowdStreet marketplace projects were oversubscribed in less than 30 days.

Commercial real estate loans bring risks for banks

The banking industry in Illinois and across the U.S. has greatly changed since 1955. Today, banks have a much higher proportion of real estate loans in their balance sheets than they did in 1955. Commercial real estate loans carry with them the attendant risks of the real estate market, passing those risks on to the banks.

Experts explain why business plans matter

Opinions are often diverse when it comes to business plans. However, entrepreneurs who create and follow one tend to succeed, according to a study reported in the International Small Business Journal. Besides helping to forecast the business's future, a business plan can be used as a tool to grow an Illinois company by helping the owner to realistically put his or her idea into reality.

Content marketing can help business growth

Good content marketing can help Illinois businesses to greatly expand their reach to potential customers. Not all content marketing is good, however. It is important for business owners to understand how to use and implement content marketing strategies that will actually work.

Businesses should work potential setbacks into their plans

Most Illinois entrepreneurs understand that they need to have a business plan. However, even meticulous planners could end up falling short of their revenue goals and miscalculating their budget if they don't plan for setbacks. Though it's good to have an optimistic attitude, it's also crucial to understand that unexpected events can easily throw plans out of whack.

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