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Brexit fears could lead to a surge in American CRE buying

Commercial real estate in Illinois and around the country has been viewed as a relatively safe investment by overseas buyers in recent years, and increased global economic volatility is expected to result in even more foreign money being put into American commercial properties in 2017. Most financial analysts were shocked in June when British voters chose to leave the European Union, and they say that fears over the full impact of Brexit are among the reasons that American properties are still seen as a prudent hedge against an uncertain future by foreign investors.

Small business market taking lessons from tech industry

Small business is the backbone of the economy, in Illinois and across the United States. Nine of every ten U.S. employees work for small businesses. There are an estimated 28 million small businesses currently in operation nationwide and starting a new venture has never been more possible.

Technology and legislation are opening up the CRE market

Illinois investors sometimes shy away from the commercial real estate market because of the large amount of paperwork involved and the complex regulations that must be followed. However, they may want to think again based on changes made to federal securities law in the last few years and the growing popularity of online investing. The marketing firm Massolutions revealed that online investors put $2.5 million into commercial real estate in 2015, and the company expects that figure to grow by at least $1 billion in 2016.

Landlords getting rent checks for homes they've never seen

People who can't afford to buy homes in the Chicago area may be able to make real estate investments in other cities. The idea of earning income as an out-of-state landlord is becoming more popular, especially among those who live in the priciest real estate markets. Investors in San Francisco and New York City are purchasing properties in rural markets where prices are still low but rents are high enough to generate a steady income.

Small banks moving out of commercial real estate lending

The development of commercial real estate can be an important factor in the economic growth of Illinois. However, regulatory scrutiny of loans may create some challenges for those seeking financing for their projects. Small banks are particularly affected by changing regulatory efforts, which is causing many to sell their existing CRE loans as they back out of this sector.

Some tips for a new business

Illinois entrepreneurs should keep a few tips in mind. Getting finances in order is critical. A secured loan is one option for financing a startup. Putting together an application for a bank loan requires research and a good pitch, but the entrepreneur should also have a backup plan in case this financing falls through. Once the business is up and running, taking measures that are cost effective are important. Entrepreneurs should also plan ahead to maintain a strong return on investment. This includes researching the market and making good use of resources.

How global trends affect domestic commercial real estate

Global and national trends may guide commercial real estate investors in Illinois. One of those trends is increased interest in the United States from foreign investors. In 2015, foreign investors purchased $87 million in real estate assets compared to $4.7 million in 2009, and experts predict this investment will continue to rise. The United States is an attractive market for foreign investors due to its relative stability compared to many other countries, relatively high yield and transparency.

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