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Commercial real estate leaders see uncertain future

Commercial real estate investors in Illinois might be less optimistic about the market over the long term. According to a study conducted by the Real Estate Roundtable, the problems the Trump administration has run into in trying to implement some policies has contributed to this lack of optimism. While the situation is considered stable at present and steady growth is expected in the months ahead, the picture beyond that is more uncertain.

How to prepare for recessions in advance

Illinois business owners may be well advised to hope for the best and expect the worst. As the economy is cyclical in nature, there are likely to be down times in addition to the prosperous economic times. One way to account for a recession is to offer a variety of products or services. A diverse product or service line may lessen the overall effect of an economic downturn.

Social media tips for brands

Illinois business owners can use social media to effectively promote their brand online. The proper marketing strategies can help create the most impact on potential customers and can yield a significant result with only a small initial investment.Having a content marketing strategy is necessary for promoting new posts and can enhance the brand's SEO. It can create more initial traffic to a post, increase visibility and can create customer loyalty.

What to know before buying a business

Illinois residents who wish to become business owners may choose to start a company from scratch. They may also be able to meet their goal by buying an existing company. Purchasing an existing business may allow an individual to avoid the ups and downs that come with being a startup. However, sellers are likely going to want a premium for the fact that they have done much of the heavy lifting for the buyer.

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