The winter season is typically not a hot real estate season here in the Chicagoland area. Frigid temperatures and snowy conditions tend to keep sellers and buyers cozied up at home instead of out scouting a new house. However, winter is the ideal time to get a jump on preparing your home to put on the real estate market once spring returns to the area.

Here are just a few touches you can add to your home that could make it more appealing to potential buyers come springtime. Even better, most of these ideas are ones you can do on your own for minimal investment. Here’s to a quick springtime sale!

Stage Furniture and Clear the Clutter

Home buyers cannot appreciate your kitchen counter space if there is too much clutter. Give buyers a clean slate, where they can visualize their own belongings throughout the home by getting rid of clutter throughout the home. Get rid of larger pieces of furniture that can make rooms appear crowded as well.

Invest in Fresh Flowers

While you can’t purchase flowers now to keep alive in a vase until your springtime showings, you can commit to having fresh flowers throughout your home once your house goes on the market. Buy a few neutral vases for key points in the house – the kitchen counter, a bathroom counter – and practice with flower arrangements now. For example, a small arrangement in the bathroom can add a pop of freshness and personality.

You don’t have to become a professional flower artist to make your home look beautiful. Further, if you don’t know if you can get out of the house to get fresh flowers regularly, consider a flower-of-the-month subscription that will be delivered to your door.

Make Your Table Look Great

Your dining room table or kitchen island is the heart of your home. Give buyers the chance to picture themselves at their table in your home by making your table look great. A simple centerpiece that is neutral but inviting can go a long way for potential buyers.

While you are clearing clutter and placing fresh flowers, don’t forget to secure a responsible and experienced real estate attorney before your home goes on the market. The team at Bell Law offers years of experience working with buyers and sellers to assure your best interests are at the heart of the deal. Give us a call to learn more about our services today!

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