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How to Find a Neighborhood You Love

When you are ready to purchase your next home, you want to make the best investment possible. The homes you tour must wow you with your preferred finishes, neutral paint colors, and a great kitchen. You may be willing, or even prefer, to purchase a home that needs some TLC so that you can put your own style on display sooner than later.

Once you’re ready to begin your property search, you’ll have a lot to keep in mind. Aside from your dream home qualifications, you must choose a home in a neighborhood you’ll love now and in the future. Here are a few ways to assure you are looking at homes in a neighborhood you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Easy to Get Around

There’s nothing worse than realizing you moved into a subdivision or neighborhood that is nearly impossible to get around during morning and afternoon rush hour. While some traffic is to be expected – we are in Chicagoland after all – you shouldn’t have to wait 15 minutes to turn left out of your street or cul de sac.

Check out the ease of transportation around the homes you are looking at by returning around morning and evening rush hour times, as well as on the weekend.

Close to Your Favorite Things

If you can find a neighborhood that is close to some of your favorite spots, you won’t have to spend 30 minutes driving to your yoga class or 40 minutes to your place of worship. When you are checking out a new home, take plenty of time to drive around the neighborhood to see if there are restaurants, gyms, libraries, and grocery stores nearby. Remember, you’ll have to determine how far is “too far” to drive or commute to.

Easy Access to Transportation

If you are a city-dweller, it is important to find a neighborhood that offers easy access to your transportation of choice. Take the El to work? Be sure there is a station within a reasonable distance. Prefer to ride the bus to the airport weekly for work? Be sure there’s a stop nearby. 

This consideration also includes public and private school transportation for school-aged kids. Be sure there are stops for your kids that are well-lit, safe, and not too far away from home, which comes in handy on cold winter mornings.

Great Neighbors

A neighborhood is nothing without friendly neighbors. As you look at potential homes, make sure you are evaluating the neighbors too. Are people friendly as you walk the sidewalks? Do you see people waving at one another? Your home comes with a built-in set of neighbors, and you’d rather them be friendly than grumpy.

When you are touring homes and neighborhoods, let the experienced team at Bell Law focus on protecting your investment. Our real estate lawyers are here to advocate for your best interests from now until you close.

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