Real Estate

Experienced Attorneys Handling All Aspects of Residential or Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Our attorneys represent clients throughout the entire real estate purchase or sale process and assist with:

a. Draft and Review of the Real Estate Contract or Letter of Intent
b. Negotiations Process, such as handling modifications to the contract and inspection requests
c. Review of Condominium or Homeowner’s Assocation Documents, such as the budget, finances, and declaration/bylaws
d. Condominium Conversion Process for New Construction Developments
e. Draft, Review and Modification of Leases and Assignments
f. Tracking Deadlines and Extension requests
g. Order and Review of  title documents, such as title commitments and searches to ensure clear title
h. Preparation or Review of sales documents, such as warranty and quit claim deeds, affidavits of title, and bills of sale
i. Preparation or Review of closing settlement statements
j. Review of loan documents
k. Attendance at closing with clients or on behalf of clients

The purchase and sale of real property is a legal process.  You want an experienced attorney that can navigate through complex issues, reduce inherent risks, and provide you peace of mind that your valuable investment is protected.

Purchasing residential or commercial real estate is a significant investment that carries inherent risks. Through aggressive advocacy and a focus on our clients’ best interests, we work to minimize those risks. Far too much is at stake to overlook the smallest details on a real estate contract.

Buyers, sellers, builders and developers from throughout the state of Illinois have relied on the attorneys at Bell Law, LLC. Our job is to provide a higher level of service and dedication in facilitating your real estate transaction.

From the initial contact to the final closing, we are at your side to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. Contact us at
773-696-5087 or toll free at 888-574-7062.

Experienced Attorneys Handling All Aspects Of Real Estate Transactions

Our practice of real estate law, includes the following transactions and documents:

  • Home sales, resales and purchases
  • Home and condo development
  • New construction deals and contracts
  • Commercial property transactions
  • Homeowner association (HOA) agreements
  • Landlord/tenant lease agreements
  • City of Chicago Zoning and Building Department matters
  • Condominium liens — both obtaining releases and recording and handling the liens

The Peace Of Mind You Need With So Much On The Line

The money you put into a new home or the resources on the line in a major housing development has complex legal issues and even more complex documentation. Doing it on your own can cause the deal to unravel or cause significant problems in the future. You need peace of mind that your investment is protected.

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