Prepare Now to Sell Your Home This Spring

Here in the Chicagoland area, we are used to enduring seasons. However, it’s not just summer, spring, fall, and winter that are important seasons in the area. If you are selling or buying property, there are busy and unbusy real estate seasons. While you certainly can put up your home for sale in January, the Chicagoland winter real estate market slows down significantly before picking up quickly as the weather turns toward spring.

If you are considering putting your home or property on the market this spring, there are things you can take care of now to make the process infinitely smoother come March. Get a jump start on your successful spring sale by taking care of these items this fall or winter.

Find Comps For your Area
Deciding on the price of your home is a crucial choice and can determine how quickly it will sell in the spring. Take some time this slow and snowy season to research your area. Check the prices homes similar to yours, in similar neighborhoods, sold for and watch how those prices change over the next few months. By the time spring arrives, you will have the confidence to place your home for sale at a price that is comparable to others in the area.

Schedule a Pre-Appraisal
While your researching comps in your area, schedule a pre-appraisal for your home. This can be a tool in your arsenal when settling on a selling price, and it can help you determine what projects you should take care of this winter to make your home more seller-friendly and even increase the asking price.

 Clean, Repair, and Photograph
Give your home some extra attention and TLC these next few months. If you are even just considering selling your home in the spring, a thorough clean can do wonders for photographs. Take care of small and major repairs, including giving walls a coat of neutral colored paint or tackling that damaged siding. Plan for spring curb appeal by planting tulip bulbs this fall, which will make for some happy buyers when March brings the new blooms.

You can also use the sunny days to update your home’s photos. These pictures will be used on real estate websites and in print materials, so be sure your photos portray your home in the best (and most uncluttered) light.

Get an Attorney
Investing in a real estate attorney is a wise decision, and can save you frustration later in the process.  Working with an attorney not only protects your own interests but can also make the inspection and closing processes easier to navigate. Ask your attorney for assistance with anything from contracts to transfers, and rest assured knowing your counsel will review all documents prior to closing.

This winter, prepare your home for a potential quick springtime sell. The team at Bell Law is ready to guide you through the legal portion of your upcoming transaction. Call us today to talk more about your situation and potential timeline. We look forward to working with you, no matter the season!

Bell Law, LLC

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