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Staging Your Home for a Virtual Tour

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people everywhere are learning how to live, work, learn, and shop with new recommendations or rules. The real estate market, while deemed essential, has certainly had to use new methods to help buyers and sellers with their property goals. As the more traditional open house is no longer a viable option, the real estate industry has turned to technology to give buyers and sellers the best opportunities possible. Virtual tours are the go-to option, as it gives a potential buyer a chance to see your home up close to make a more informed decision about purchasing.

Virtual tours are giving buyers the confidence to make a purchase and are certainly a viable option for your upcoming property sale. However, you do need to consider a few of our tips before your first virtual tour or photoshoot.

Every Detail Counts

Since the option of walking through a home is unavailable right now, buyers are going to be looking at every little detail during an online tour. Buyers will be especially tuned in to small (and large) details during virtual tours because they know they may not get to see it in person.

Start a successful tour by ensuring you clean ahead of time. Making sure everything has been thoroughly wiped down and dusted is a must prior to any virtual tour or photoshoot. All light fixtures, fans, windows, doors need to be impeccable. 

Resist the temptation to over-decorate, instead choosing a minimalist approach. Decluttering your home will allow buyers to picture your home as theirs. Further, rooms that are stuffed with knickknacks, books, and picture frames can make rooms seem small and messy on video. It is also important to remember to either hide or cover any safes, expensive jewelry or computer equipment to ensure your valuable personal items are not on display for the internet to see.

Light it Up

Lighting is key in movies, theater, and now virtual home tours. The right lighting can make a small boring room appear bigger and more inviting. Make sure all lights are on, even in places you wouldn’t normally think of, such as closets or attics. Buyers will want to see every nook and cranny of your home and making it sure it looks Oscar-worthy will help ensure a quick sale. When possible, make natural light the star of the show by keeping curtains and shades open.

Now that your home is ready for its virtual closeup, it’s time for you to make sure you are protected during the selling or buying process. The professionals at Bell Law are ready to advocate for your best interests throughout the real estate process. Call us to learn more about our services today.

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