The Importance of Having a Real Estate Legal Asset When Buying and Selling

The Importance of Having a Real Estate Legal Asset When Buying and Selling

If there is one type of law which is complicated beyond reason it is financial and real estate law. With not only regulations and rules changing every year but also the financial details themselves changing daily, it is a wonder anyone can even get a fair deal. It is important to understand that the banks and lenders’ jobs are not to get you a good deal. Their sole purpose is to get a favorable agreement for the bank. This oftentimes means a far less favorable deal for you.

Navigating Confusing Legal Language

Legal speak is always difficult to wade through. However, when it is mixed in with countless financial facts, percentages, and numbers, it can be downright indecipherable. This is where you need a trained legal expert who specializes in this type of law. It is the only way you are going to get someone to explain this complex legal dialogue to you. How can you expect to make the best decision if you don’t have all of the information?

Dealing With Complex Financial Details

Each of those numbers and decimals and percentages all mean something in this type of law. They represent interest rates, variations, length of term, monthly payments and so on. Each one of these and many other specifics all need to be documented properly and verified. Also, the fine print and details of any contract should never be ignored, especially on real estate.

These details may be the difference between a balloon payment and flat final payment. They may also list an incorrect detail such as an adjustable rate instead of a fixed rate. There are a number of examples of what a real estate lawyer might catch that you would miss.

Let the team here at Bell Law lookout for you during your next home purchase or sale. With everything from price to rate to term on the line, you need to make sure you get the best deal. We’d be glad to be the ones to safeguard your interests in any real estate transaction. Simply get in contact with us to find out more details!

What Buyers Are Looking For In a New Home

What Buyers Are Looking For In a New Home

Autumn is a wonderful time to put your home on the market, as it is well before the blustering and frigid weather keeps buyers cozied up inside. Instead, the fall season offers colorful trees that boost curb appeal and buyers ready to purchase before the holidays. 

In order to put your home on the market confidently, you need to know what buyers are looking for and how to adapt your house to meet those expectations. The good news is that you don’t always need to sink twenty thousand dollars into a brand new kitchen in order to entice buyers. Here are a few things typical Chicagoland buyers are looking for when they are in the market for a new home.

Location, Location, Location

Buyers are searching for a home that gives them easy access to their favorite spots, whether that is their gym, their work, or their coffee shop. While you can’t move your home to a hot location, you can market your home’s location by promoting the positive. Are you walking distance to a great school? Are you only a few blocks away from the interstate? Give buyers a reason to think your location is their next favorite neighborhood.

Fresh and Neutral Paint

One of the easiest ways to update your home on a budget is to give walls a fresh coat of neutral paint. Buyers are more likely to consider a home that looks well cared for, and new paint can go a long way in covering a lot of wear and tear throughout the home.

Outside Space

Buyers love easy access to a well-maintained outdoor space. Don’t worry – you don’t have to pretend your home has a giant backyard in order to lure buyers to your home. However, you can update the outdoor space you have to create excitement. Powerwash your deck and sidewalk, add a few pots of autumn mums, or add modern lighting.

Natural Light

Maximize the amount of natural light coming into all of your windows and doors by cleaning the glass before your open house or realtor visits. Clear cobwebs from the outside corners as well and let that natural light in. Your home can appear larger with the right amount of natural light.

Before you make the call to put your home on the market, be sure to call the team at Bell Law first. We are experienced working with buyers and sellers throughout Chicagoland and are ready to make the legal process of selling a home easier for you. We’ll advocate for your best interests while making sure your closing process goes smoothly.

Let’s work together soon to sell your home successfully.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Rental Property

Considerations Before Purchasing a Rental Property

If you are considering investing in a property that you will rent to tenants, whether a home or business, you may be feeling a mix of emotions. You can feel excited about this new endeavor while still feeling anxious about your investment or overwhelmed with the to-do list before purchasing. Purchasing a rental property can be a great investment, and you should do your research before putting in an offer. Here are a few things to consider as you start your search.

Know the Purpose
Are you searching for a property to rent office space to clients? Or are you looking to purchase a property that will become home to your renters? It is important to choose if you will be seeking commercial or home properties. Commercial properties are typically much more expensive, but if you want to work with business renters, this is the way to go. Homes can be less expensive but come with their own potential aggravations.

Get the Word Out
Before you put an offer on a property, have your marketing plan ready to go. How will you get the word out about the property to let potential tenants know it is available? Don’t wait until closing to develop your marketing strategy.

Location Matters
Choosing a property is a hard task, but starting with location can help you narrow down your search quickly. You want a property that has an ideal location for your potential tenants, as well as for yourself. If you will be heavily involved with the maintenance and upkeep of the property, consider purchasing within a reasonable commute from your own home.

Get an Attorney
Just as with purchasing your own home, it is crucial to work with an experienced real estate attorney when investing in a rental property. The team at Bell Lawis just the group you want looking out for your best interests. We can take care of a lot of your paperwork and will be sure to advocate for your preferences all along the way.

Congratulations on your upcoming rental property investment! Cut out the extra worry and headaches by choosing to work with the attorneys at Bell Law. We will give you the expertise and confidence you need to make a sound investment.

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