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Tips for Living in Your Staged Home

Your home is on the market and you have taken the time, or hired the professionals, to expertly stage your home. The counters are cleared off, the extra personal photos are taken off the walls, the house is impeccably clean.


However, what happens if your home doesn’t sell in the first few days of being on the market? You are still living in your home, sometimes with kids or pets or partners that don’t know how to make a perfectly staged home remain spotless and buyer-friendly. Here are a few tips for learning how to live in a staged home and reduce the number of times you need to feel frazzled while cleaning up and setting up for a tour after your realtor calls.


Put Some Things in Storage

One way to keep your counters clear and halls free of excess knick-knacks that could make your home look smaller to buyers is to take them out of the house entirely. Consider renting a storage space for the short-term while you are selling your home and tuck away items you won’t need in the near future. Kitchen gadgets that you won’t use in the next few months, seasonal clothing and even children’s toys can go away during this time. Who knows – it may even inspire you to declutter once you move into your new home!


Clean Up Daily

Start a routine of cleaning up daily so that you aren’t scrambling to prepare for a tour when your realtor calls. Wipe down the kitchen counters and run the dishwasher each evening, and be sure the house looks good before you head out in the morning for work. Consider hiring a cleaning service to come in for a deep clean once per week, or once every other week, to take care of that additional attention.


Store Supplies

Buyers don’t necessarily want to see your personal items lying around the house, but it is unrealistic to get rid of those supplies while you are living there. Use clear storage bins or pouches to manage it more easily. For example, keep toothbrushes and toothpaste in a clear bin under the sink instead of in a cup on top of the counter. Keep makeup in a pouch in an organized drawer instead of on the counter. These adjustments can make a big difference, and you can get in the new habit of reaching for a bin sooner than you may think.


Plan for Sale

Be sure that you are always ready for an offer. One way to do this is to secure a relationship with a real estate attorney now. The team at Bell Law are experienced working with buyers and sellers throughout the Chicagoland area. We are ready to get to know you and your goals, as well as to advocate for your best interests from offer to closing. Call us today to get started.

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