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Tips for a Successful Closing

With the summer season coming to a quick end here in Chicagoland, you may be feeling the pressure to close that real estate deal. While you can certainly sell your home or property any time during the year, warm weather and sunny days make summer a hot season for buying or selling real estate. As you prepare to finalize your final purchase, take a moment to make sure you are setting yourself up for a successful (and low stress) closing process.

Don’t Prepare Alone
First and quite possibly most importantly, don’t go into the closing process without an experienced real estate attorney by your side. No matter if you are buying or selling, the closing process is full of documents that require review. Avoid any misunderstandings by assuring you are working with an attorney who will keep your interests at the forefront of the transaction.

Know the Costs
Closings often come with fees for the buyer and the seller, due at the time of the closing meeting. Prepare in advance so that you can save for any costs, and come prepared to the meeting with the money ready. Most closings require money to be in a cashier’s check or as a wire transfer.

Consider a Walk-through
Prior to your closing date, if you are the buyer, consider requesting a final walk-through of the home or property. This walk-through can serve as a way to assure any repairs were made after the inspection.

Know if You Have to Be There
You are busy, and finding time to squeeze in another meeting to your schedule can be difficult. You may not need to be present for the closing procedures, especially if you are the seller. Your attorney can represent you and take care of the process on your behalf. If you are finding it difficult to be present at the closing, talk to your attorney in advance to know your options. Then, plan accordingly.

Closing a real estate deal is cause for celebration, no matter if you are the buyer or the seller! The process of purchasing or selling a home or property is exhausting. Your closing represents the end of the process and warrants a huge sigh of relief. Take time to mark the occasion and celebrate.

Are you attempting to navigate a closing without an attorney and feeling overwhelmed? We can help you with that! Give the experienced team at Bell Law a call to talk more about your situation. We are ready to give you a seamless closing experience.

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