Tips for Successful Home Staging

Are you planning on selling your home this spring or within the next year? If so, these next few months are the ideal time to begin to stage your home. Staging a home can not only increase buy interest but also expedite your moving process by clearing out some of your possessions prior to packing up. Here are a few tips to get you on a successful staging track.

Consider a Professional

Many real estate professionals have a professional stager on hand, ready to work with you. While you will likely need to pay for the staging consultation, you can save some cash by doing the work on your own after receiving the professional’s advice. Some real estate professionals offer staging advice or connection at no cost to clients, so be sure to inquire before you begin your process.

Clear the Counter Clutter

One of the first steps in staging your home is to clear the clutter off counters, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Remove everything from the countertop, including daily staples like a coffee pot. Clearing countertops can not only make a space feel larger, but it will also make the space more appealing to the buyer’s eye. If you know it is not realistic to live without the coffee pot on your counter for now, choose to eliminate other clutter instead. Just be sure you have a spot to put your coffee pot in when your realtor makes a showing appointment.

Rent Smaller Furniture

Your small master bedroom feels especially tight with your king sized bed and dresser in it. To entice buyers and make your room seem larger, consider storing your dresser and king sized bed for now and opting to use a queen sized bed instead. If you don’t want to purchase new furniture, consider finding a renting option. This applies to smaller living rooms as well – a smaller couch can make the room seem spacious and airy.

Remove Family Photos

A buyer may not see themselves in your home if all they see while touring your home are photos of yourfamily. Most staging professionals recommend de-personalizing the home as much as possible prior to showing potential buyers the house. Take this time to pack up your family photos and keepsakes. If your walls seem especially bare, hang a piece of neutral art to liven up the room.

Neutrals Are Best

Finally, when it comes to paint color and touch-ups, go neutral. Buyers feel more comfortable when viewing a home decked out in cream and grey tones instead of more bold choices. While some buyers may love your bold style, you are more likely to alienate potential buyers with bright or bold color choices.

If you are ready to stage your home or begin the selling process, be sure you are enlisting the help of the right professionals. In addition to your realtor and staging professional, assure you are working with an experienced attorney. The team at Bell Law has years of experience working on real estate deals throughout Chicago and the suburbs; give us a call to get started today.

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