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Tips for Winter Home Showings

Now that the holiday season is over and the decorations are all packed up, it’s time to get your home on the market if your 2020 goal is to sell it. However, winters in Chicago are not exactly home-showing friendly between frigid temperatures, icy sidewalks, and interested buyers who choose to stay cozy indoors instead of braving the elements to get to your showing. The environment may be rough, but we have the tips that can help your winter house showing smooth and successful.

Safety First

There is nothing worse than slipping and sliding your way to the doorstep of a house. Be sure the people who are coming to view your home are safe while strolling around your property. Shovel your sidewalks, stairs, and driveway as well as putting down salt or other ice-melting substances. Remember that your prospective buyers will likely walk throughout your property, so be sure it is safely passable throughout your backyard and sideyards.

Make It Cozy

The winter means shorter days and cold temperatures, which together are the perfect combination for wanting to stay warm and cozy indoors. Tempt your buyers and show them how lovely your home (and their future home) can be in the winter months by turning up the cozy in your house. Light the fireplace and a few candles. Make sure the heater is keeping the temperature comfortable. Even make some homemade hot cocoa for your next open house. 

Keep It Clean

Encourage realtors to ask their clients to stomp and take off wintry boots before entering your home. Provide a sturdy boot tray to hold all the dripping water or salt. If it isn’t possible for clients to remove their messy shoes, be sure you have a plan for promptly cleaning up wet footprints and sweeping up stray salt.

Work with Professionals

Finally, don’t put your home on the market and start winter showings until you have the team of experienced professionals in place that will advocate for your best interests. In addition to your realtor, assure you are partnering with a real estate attorney at Bell Law. Located right here in Chicago, we know the market and are ready to take you through the process, all the way to a successful closing.
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